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Your Ultimate Guide to Summer Safety for Kids

Summer Safety

Your Ultimate Guide to Summer Safety for Kids

Summer vacations are about to begin, and scorching sunrays already have us drenched with sweat. Where summer brings the joy of summer travel trips, it also imposes significant health risks to not only adults but also kids.

In summer, kids are more tempted to spend time in pools, beaches, and parks to make the most of their vacations. But without sticking to the right summer safety tips and tricks, they risk their health.

Do you want to know about the tips for kids’ summer safety in depth? We have got you covered in the article below! Just delve deep into it and explore what you have to do to shield them against the hot summery weather!

Why It’s Important to Consider Summer Safety for Kids?

Las Vegas hosts a subtropical hot desert type of climate. From June through September, the city experiences unbearably hot and dry weather, with temperatures crossing the bounds of 40°C.

According to research on the rise in the number of accidents in the U.S. in summer, over 60% of the incidents' affectees were children aged 2 to 11. Also, the most common incidents were bike accidents, falls, drowning, etc.

That said, you should not bind your kids indoors, limiting their exploration journey. Instead, a better approach is to make them aware of certain tips and tricks to beat the summer with grace when not compromising an inch on the summer vacation fun! Isn't it far more acceptable?

8 Summer Safety Tips for Kids

Following are some in-depth explained summer safety tips for kids that you and your children must stick to. So, without any further ado, let's hop onto them!

Ask Them to Stay Hydrated

Whenever they are permitted to just play indoor or indulge in certain outdoor activities, ensure to hand over a water bottle to them. Also, ask them to frequently sip water when playing, as you can't always be there, at every place, to keep a check on them. They have to learn things, aiming to drink one to six glass of water daily.

Do you have a newborn or toddler? Breastfeed them often in the summer months. This will help prevent dehydration. You should also drink plenty of fluids for enough milk production. However, if your baby is on bottle feeding, increase their intake too.

Be Very Cautious When Visiting Coastal Areas

Most summers are spent at beaches in Las Vegas due to its popular beach culture being on hype in that span. But whether you go to coastal areas or just swim in your house's pool, keep an eye on your kids. According to a CDC report, drowning is one of the leading causes of death in children aged between one to four.

Here are a few things that you should be careful for ensuring water safety for kids:

Ensure SPF Protection

Were you thinking of sunscreen as an adult product? Nopes, you got it wrong. Due to the current rise in pollution and ozone hole depletion, experts suggest children above six months should begin wearing sunscreen with an SPF factor of at least 30. Besides sunscreen, kids should also wear lip balm to keep the lips moisturized. Ensure to choose suitable lightweight clothing for them, with a hat as the most essential.

When planning outdoor activities, avoid the span of 10 AM to 4 PM when sun rays are the strongest and cruelest. Babies under the age of six months should be kept in shadowy areas to avoid contact with sun rays.

Pro Tip: Apply sunscreen fifteen to thirty minutes prior to hopping outside and re-apply it after every two hours and even after swimming.

Never Leave Your Baby Alone in the Car

It might seem new, but you should never leave your baby or child alone in the car in hot weather. This can risk heatstroke, even if the car's AC is ON, and death due to dehydration, in some cases. It’s children bodies react to temperature more quickly than adults.

Whether you have a small car or a luxe one with expansive windows, remember that the temperature inside cars can vary cruelly; doubling in mere five minutes and leaving windows open has little to no effect on the environment inside. Mostly, the temperature rise occurs in the first five minutes after the car is locked -comparable to the time one needs to rush to a shop to get something and return.

Beware of Insects

Another important tip is to beware of insects all the time, especially when you are visiting parks and coastal areas. If you happen to go there, ensure to keep the following things in mind:

Buy them Helmets

Kids should always wear helmets when cycling, biking, scooting, or skateboarding. This can be much helpful in preventing head injuries in case of accidental falls. So, ensure they leave home wearing their helmet whether going to the nearby market, just a five-minute drive, or somewhere farther.

You can get them a helmet of their fav color or one featuring their fav characters to tempt them to wear it wherever they go. Also, when getting one, ensure it fits well in your kid's head. It won't be too loose or tight and must be compatible with the safety standards set by CPSC.

Don't Allow them to Compromise on their Sleep Schedule.

Mostly school-goings fall asleep around 8 to 9 PM. However, they stay up late at night in summer vacations, watching cartoons, playing games, or just scrolling around their mommies. Though they can stay up till late once a week, don't let them spoil their habits. Ask them to go to bed right at the time when they used to sleep on school-going days, as eight to twelve hours of sleep is crucial for their physical and mental well-being.

Any compromise on this span will significantly impact their immune system, making them prone to certain diseases. Don't be strict; just ask them to follow a specific and consistent schedule.

Ensure to Keep them Cool when Asleep.

Never rely on params, considering them a comfy place to sleep for your toddlers, as these can be airless and hot. Instead, you should ensure creating a cool sleeping environment for them, letting them sleep in a properly ventilated place. Remove any padding of the coat if it's becoming a hurdle in ventilation.

Let them sleep with peace in just nappy. Their mattress should be covered with cotton sheets, preferably as they are cool, lightweight, and breathable. About the pillows, these must not be too soft that your baby's head sinks into them.

Pro Tip: To beat the summer rays with smartness, hang out wet towels over windows and chairs, bringing the temperature down via cool air.

How to Survive Summer in Las Vegas?

Besides the above-mentioned summer safety tips, you should also focus on what you can do to survive summer in Las Vegas. The following points might help in this regard!

Wrapping It Up!

That was all about the summer safety tips for kids and what you should do to help them survive the scorching heat waves of Las Vegas' summer. Being a parent is not an easy task, so play responsibly and consider all the points mentioned in this guide, making the upcoming summer easier to survive for your kids.

Hope you find this info helpful; stay tuned for more informative articles! As always, the staff at Healthy Kids Care at Sunrise are here to answer any questions or concerns.

In Health,

Dr. Atousa

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