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Newborn Care

Healthy Kids Care Pediatrics at Sunrise

Atousa Ghaneian, MD, FAAP

Pediatrician located in Las Vegas, NV

Newborn care begins the moment your baby is born and continues for the first few months of well-child care. As a mother, Atousa Ghaneian, MD, FAAP, at Healthy Kids Care Pediatrics at Sunrise uses the same gentle care when examining your newborn baby as she would with her own children. If you’re pregnant and need an experienced and compassionate pediatrician for your newborn, call the office in Las Vegas, Nevada, or request a time to meet with Dr. Atousa and the team using online booking.

Newborn Care Q&A

What happens during newborn care?

Dr. Atousa is there for your baby right from the start. She offers prenatal care and then visits you and your baby in the hospital after your delivery, where she takes care of your baby’s first full physical examination.

During this exam, she reviews the vital information obtained by hospital staff, tests your baby’s reflexes, and checks your baby’s skin, eyes, ears, heart, breathing, hands, feet, and genitals. Dr. Atousa runs through tests that evaluate a baby’s development and the health of their neuromuscular system.

Dr. Atousa also performs circumcisions and manages the care of babies that need a G-tube (gastrostomy tube). G-tubes are surgically inserted so that food, fluids, and medications can be placed directly into the baby’s stomach.

What screenings will my newborn receive?

You can depend on Dr. Atousa to take care of your baby’s health screenings and talk with you about the results. Under Nevada law, babies are screened 24-48 hours after their birth by taking a blood sample. Then Dr. Atousa does a second screening when your baby is 10-14 days old.

All newborn babies are routinely screened for hearing loss as well as genetic and rare medical conditions. Screening allows Dr. Atousa to identify and treat potential problems before serious complications occur.

The Nevada Newborn Screening Program screens for more than 30 conditions including endocrine (hormone) disorders, hematological (blood) disorders, metabolic disorders, sickle cell disease, and cystic fibrosis.

Without early treatment, the conditions identified during screening can cause mental retardation, developmental delays, intellectual disabilities, blindness, and deafness.

When does a newborn have their first checkup?

Your baby has their first in-office checkup 3-5 days after they’re born. During this visit, Dr. Atousa does a complete exam to be sure your baby is growing and developing normally.

As part of the first checkup, Dr. Atousa:

  • Checks your baby’s weight, length, and head circumference
  • Evaluates your baby’s feeding, bowel, and sleeping habits
  • Does a physical exam including an eye exam
  • Performs a developmental evaluation

During this and every well-child visit in the future, Dr. Atousa gives you plenty of time to ask questions about your baby’s health and care.

Whether you’re not sure about how to bathe the baby, you have trouble with feeding, or you have any other concerns, Dr. Atousa teaches you what you need to know about caring for your baby.

If you’re pregnant and need to schedule a top pediatrician for your baby’s newborn care, call Healthy Kids Care Pediatrics at Sunrise or book an appointment online today.


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