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It's a Family Affair!

Cute father and son Chores

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One of our child’s greatest gifts is to be part of a family that works well together. A family that offers each other support, kindness, direction  and unconditional love.

Family is the most important influencer in our children’s  life.  Children depend on parents and family to protect and provide for their needs. 

Parents and the family unit forms your child's first relationships.  Helping your child contribute to family life through chores, gives them a feeling of competency and responsibility. Your child will learn to care for themselves and others. 

Selecting chores which best reflect your child’s age and abilities , will achieve the best results. Working side by side with your child the first time around , will help them understand your expectations. The American Academy of Child and Adolsecent Psychiatry emphasizes the importance of chores in a child's life in helping build self reliance and self esteem and be able to cope later with frustratiosn and adversity. 

*Chores  teach responsibility and self-reliance. 
Assigning children regular chores helps teach them responsibility. Tasks that personally affect your child, such as cleaning their room or picking up after themselves will help them become self-reliant.

*Chores teach teamwork. 
Being a productive member of a team can be modelled for children through housework. Members of your family “team” are accountable to each other. Learning these lessons at home will help your child develop strong teamwork skills to use at school, work and in their adult relationships.

*Chores reinforce respect. 
Your child will become aware of the messes they make if they’re tasked with cleaning  them up. As time goes on, they will begin to appreciate the work  parents put into keeping a house clean and  what it takes to keep it running smoothly. 

*Chores build a strong work ethic. 
A strong work ethic is important in our everyday life, school, career, and even in relationships. 

*Chores help improve planning and time management skills. 
Juggling schoolwork deadlines, housework and social lives helps our children learn to set priorities and manage time.

As always, the staff at Healthy Kids Care at Sunrise are here to answer your questions and concerns. 

It is my pleasure to be part of your family’s resources. 

Dr. Atousa 



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