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Importance of Pediatirican Consistency

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Pediatrician Consistency

Having the same pediatrician throughout your child’s infant, adolescent and teenage years is an important component in their  well-being.

A consistent pediatrician will have a good over-all understanding of your child’s health and development. Problems or concerns will be recognized and resolved early. 

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, early identification of any illness or disorder is a critical component in your child’s health. 

Pediatricians know the physical, emotional and social development of children . They will care for your child at every stage of development.

As your child grows and becomes a teenager, they may have questions about their health and the changes they are experiencing.

Teenage  years are a confusing time for parents and children. By having a long-standing relationship with your pediatrician, you and your child will have a trusted confidant.

To ensure a long lasting relationship with your pediatrician,  please take time to visit their websites.  Websites should show the pediatricians education, parents reviews,  blogs, awards and recognitions as well as  the services available.  Once you think you found a good fit, make an appointment for a meet and greet. 

As always,  Dr. Atousa and the staff at Healthy Kids Care Pediatrics at Sunrise are here to answer all your questions.


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