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Safe and Sterile Medical Ear Piercing For Babies, Children & Adolescents

Welcome back to our monthly Blog!

Throughout the year, Heathy Kids at Sunrise receives many inquiries about our Ear Piercing service.

While it’s a common decision to have our children’s ears pierced, please take a moment to consider your best option.  Unfortunately, all ear piercing services are not created equal. 

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) states that ear piercing is safe at any age as long as it’s done in a sterile environment, performed carefully, properly, and cared for afterwards. 

Dr. Atousa, Healthy Kids Care at Sunrise, uses the MediSystem® professional ear-piercing. This system comes in sterile, individually wrapped packages. MediSystem uses titanium earrings to reduce the risk of an allergic or inflammatory reaction.  Dr. Atousa will explain and demonstrate at home care to ensure your child stays infection free. A follow up appointment is scheduled. 

Would you like to know more about Dr. Atousa? Please take a moment to visit our website at . Our website offers a meet Dr. Atousa Ghaneian MD, FAAP , an outline of our services, a monthly blog , media coverage and testimonials.

All children are welcome. Your child is not required to be a patient of Dr. Atousa’s to schedule an ear piercing appointment.  We make it easy, so schedule your appointment today!

If you have any questions about ear piercings or you would like to schedule an appointment, call Healthy Kids Care at Sunrise today or request an appointment online.


As always, it is my pleasure to be of service to you and your family . 
Dr. Atousa

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